Who will win?

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Saving money doesn’t have to be that annoying!

Image from Home Depot

Complete Data at Your Fingertips

An Example Showing Apple’s Income Statement over the Past 10 Years


The disappointing announcement of Windows 11

The default wallpaper for the new Windows 11
Windows 11 Announcements Video on YouTube

Changes in Windows 11

Leveraging Deep Learning to Work with Human-like Text

A futuristic robot for some reason still using a QWERTY keyboard (credits: Pixabay)

The surprising subjectivity of Border Patrol Checkpoints

Why billionaires cannot solve the world’s problems| The perspective of a high school student

A high schooler reveals how online school exacerbates inequality and deepens educational disparities.

A picture of a mug rests beside a laptop during an online meeting

Gateway to the future? New overhyped technology? Or both…

Addressing anti-vaccination sentiment and safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine

Nathan Dai

High school student interested in investing, programming, and learning.

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