Why billionaires cannot solve the world’s problems| The perspective of a high school student

Growing up, we have always been told that hard work pays off. More and more, I have begun to doubt the truthfulness of that statement. I believe that the holes in that statement provide insight into why billionaires cannot solve the world’s problems.

According to this Forbes article, the three richest individuals in America are Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates. Before we answer our question, we must first understand what made them so rich. Let’s first look at how the rich got so rich.

Jeff Bezos

Bezos founded Amazon in 1994. It started as a modest company selling…

A high schooler reveals how online school exacerbates inequality and deepens educational disparities.

A picture of a mug rests beside a laptop during an online meeting

Education has always had the power to change lives. When America was founded, the Land Ordinance of 1785 was passed, requiring the development of schools. In the 1800s, when states wanted to suppress Blacks, they passed anti-literacy laws. When Emporer Qin wanted to suppress opposition in 200 BC, he burned their books. The potential of knowledge and education has always been recognized throughout history.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, many parts of our lives had to rapidly shift online, including school. In an age where the struggle for the vague idea of equality is prominent, education is an important point…

Gateway to the future? New overhyped technology? Or both…

We’ve all heard the utopian vision for the future, with driverless cars speeding down traffic-free roads without accidents. Although numerous individuals have dreamt of this world, nobody has executed their vision better than Elon Musk. Founded in 2003 (not by Musk), Tesla has since lead the world in the development of electric cars and autonomy.

With vehicle deliveries increasing each year, Musk’s vision of driverless cars seems closer than ever. Is the world of driverless cars closer than we think, or rather an illusory fantasy that we will indefinitely strive to reach? …

Addressing anti-vaccination sentiment and safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine

(Number 4 will surprise you!)

What a high schooler learned from the unprecedented stock market reaction to a worldwide economic shutdown.

As a high schooler, COVID-19 was the first global pandemic I had ever experienced. Other than the common cold, I had not had much experience with diseases. Each day I woke up, there was a different news headline. The virus popped up in country after country, at first appearing as a distant problem, but then suddenly growing so close. As unemployment rates and new cases grew, the S&P500 dropped faster than I had ever seen it fall. Through the next year, I learned lessons…

Nathan Dai

High school student interested in investing, programming, and learning.

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